Does this describe you?

First you wear a manager’s hat, next a customer service rep’s, later a delivery boy’s?

Are you tired of the never-ending flow of bookkeeping duties?

Do you wish you had more time to concentrate on the day-to-day running of your business?

Why not toss your bookkeeping hat to FTZ Accounts? Owning a business can be very rewarding, but make no mistake, the demands on your time can be incredibly stressful. Knowing when and how to add resources to handle the necessary tasks isn’t always easy. That’s where we come in…

“Your Accounts is Our Business”

Here at FTZ Accounts we offer a cost-effective, accurate, and consistent outsourced bookkeeping service for small to medium-sized business in all industries.

Our highly trained experienced staff are committed to deliver support, precise delivery, and high quality results that exceed our clients’ expectations; leaving you free to focus on core business activities.

Remote Bookkeeping


We furnish you with an FTZ Accounts staff bookkeeper who handles your work expediently off-site. You and your bookkeeper share files electronically, by fax or by mail. The bookkeeper processes a few tasks, or every accounting task, in response to your exact needs. No more. No less. Your routine reports will be generated to you monthly or weekly, as needed.

We call it “Bookkeeping by Remote” because you’re in control of the off-site bookkeeping. It frees you to pursue the more creative and technical aspects of your profession that only you can provide. And it’s hassle-free, providing incredible convenience for your growing enterprise.

Say Hello to Savings, Stability and Satisfaction!

With our customized monthly service plan, you receive the services of an in-house financial staff without the full-time cost.

We attract and hire only the most exceptional staff -dependable, knowledgeable people who know numbers and work well with people. We add to a company’s stability by providing the certainty of a trusted relationship over time.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Join our roster of clients who trusted FTZ Accounts under similar circumstances, and benefited.

Starting Up


Starting a new business means juggling many tasks. If you’re like many small business owners, setting up the bookkeeping is outside of your experience. You’ve already mastered one trade. So don’t spend your precious time struggling with the learning curve of accounting. FTZ Accounts coaches you in our profession so you can hit the ground running in yours.


Wise decisions and business plan revisions are only possible when accurate numbers are available. Our “Right from the Start” service provides the peace of mind that comes with a reliable accounting set-up from ground zero. Having all your financial data organized and accurate will save you time — time you’ll need for building a successful business. It will also save you money and hassle come year-end.

We visit your site to perform essential start-up tasks. During a four-hour appointment we will organise you and any relevant staff to:

  • Set up your accounting software correctly

  • Assist in relevant government registrations

  • Set up your accounting software correctly

  • Develop your unique relevant chart of accounts

  • Set up your payroll, banking and invoicing forms and systems

  • Set up procedures to cover month-end reporting

  • Understand navigational tips, tools, and warnings

  • Track expenses and profitability by market, service, or location

  • Develop useful reports for monitoring performance

  • We also offer phone support after your first meeting.

“Day One Assist” is simply the best way to get your financial systems up and running, and is a quotable service based on a fixed fee. So no hidden charges to jump up and bite you at your most vulnerable time.

Why Outsource?


  • Outsourcing nables you to focus on your business: outsourcing your bookkeeping to the qualified professionals at FTZ Accounts gives you more time to concentrate on running your business.

  • Reduced employee costs:you don’t have to absorb fringe benefits, payroll taxes, accounting software fees, or recruitment, training, and turnover payments.

  • Reduced operating costs:we require no office space or computing costs which frees up your resources.

  • Reduced accounting costs:using the specialised skills of our experienced bookkeepers will increase the accuracy of your books and thus save your business money when taxed.

  • Value for Money:our competitive rates and superior quality will improve the efficiency of your current financial situation.

  • Flexibility: we provide a flexible service that can be negotiated to meet the specific needs or your business.

  • No holiday/sick days to take into account:our staff are available when YOU need them!

  • Business Plan Assistance:we employ dedicated business development officers who provide a comprehensive business plan service for those wishing to start a new venture.

  • Provides Useful Feedback:the highly trained accountants at FTZ Accounts have the knowledge and ability to structure your books in a clear and concise way in order to provide the optimum level of insightful feedback about your business performance.

So, whether you’re an individual with a new business or a large established company, outsourcing to FTZ Accounts will remove the hassle of non-core business functions leaving you free to concentrate on your expertise – managing your firm!



Can you help those who are planning or just about to start up a Business?

Yes, we have a Day One Assist service in which we will visit your premises and set up any and all accounting procedures that mean you are ready to hit the ground running.

For more information on this, see our Start Up service package.

How flexible are your bookkeeping services?

We are very much customer-focussed and our clients’ are the foremost in our priority list and our culture.

We listen to any changing scenario of our clients and we adapt our services to the needs of our clients. We ask you what you want from us and give you that service.

Wouldn’t I be better off hiring an in-house bookkeeper?

In most cases, no. To hire an in-house bookkeeper, first you must find that person, check their credentials, negotiate a salary, hire and train them, and manage them.

That can be very expensive both in time and money for a business owner. You must also provide office space, a desk, a computer, and software for them to use.

You incur payroll tax expenses, holiday and sick pay, and the cost of other benefits for that employee. If the person you hire is part-time, you must manage their hours and will only have access to them when they are at work. If they go on holiday, get sick, or leave your employ, you may have a large gap in your accounting and payroll.

What if I need “catch-up” accounting?

Most businesses are a few months behind in their bookkeeping.

That is precisely why they need us – because it is difficult to stay on top of your books and run a demanding business! It’s simple – you send us the source documents (bank statements, credit card statements, etc.) for the missing months, and we will take it from there, catching you up and getting you current so you have an accurate picture of your business finances.

What size of business benefits from your outsourced bookkeeping service?

FTZ Accounts was originally started in order to offer outsourced bookkeeping and accounting services for small to medium-sized fast growing businesses. We understand the difficulties and expenses of running a small business and aim to deliver support, precise delivery, and high quality results that exceed our customers’ expectations.

What is outsourced bookkeeping all about?

By outsourcing your bookkeeping you are allowing management to focus on what they do best – running the business. Without the constant hassle of bookkeeping, management is able to concentrate on core business activities safe in the knowledge that their accounts are in the reliable hands of highly trained specialists capable of providing an accurate, consistent, and cost effective service

Why do I need a bookkeeper?

Just as you are an expert in your personal business; we are experts in what we do. We take the load off of you, so you can focus on what you do best. You could need a bookkeeper for many different reasons, from day to day bookkeeping to financial analysis, paying your bills, keeping track of your payroll. We handle all of those things that overwhelm you.




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